Total Energy Expert

Our clients find Texican’s services to be most comprehensive with the ability to manage gas, water and power at a local facility level, as well as a total corporate approach to their utilities portfolio. Your complete energy data set is in one location with the ability to create reports very quickly. This is important in managing risks, forecasts, and budgets.

Texican receives your water, gas and power invoices and audits each one for accuracy, then approves for payment

  • Then, we provide clear, concise, easy to access and highly useful analysis about your Energy Audit Expertusage to both your financial and engineering teams
  • Texican will work with you to measure year-over-year energy usage and cost.
  • Benchmark your energy use across your facilities.
  • Weather normalize data to tackle where operational inefficiencies can be improved.
  • Help you determine if a facility or energy project is eligible for government incentives and if there will be cost savings from energy improvement projects.
  • Help you with interval data reporting, greenhouse gas tracking, budgeting, tariff analysis, energy assessments, sub-metering, energy policies and rate case participation.
  • Help you qualify your facilities for ENERGY STAR rating

Texican has gained expertise in aiding energy users in multiple industries.

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels/Lodging
  • Manufacturing/Fabrication
  • Oil & Gas production
  • Midstream facilities
  • Property management

Texican Experience

Texican's experienced staff will provide you the best advice and gas rates to help you plan your energy future through a full array of financial products including caps, collars, and NYMEX triggers.

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