Texican Solutions

Texican Natural Gas Company began operations in 1985, and over the years has focused on developing both the supply and market sectors in the Southeast on Southern Natural Gas Pipeline and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline. Our steadfast goal is to be a full service marketing company by developing long term relationships with our customer base both on the supply and market side of the equation, while also developing operational expertise and assets on our focus pipelines, thus leading to a long term, stable market presence.

  • Customer service is our primary focus, as evidenced by Texican’s consistently high national rating in the annual Mastio Survey for customer satisfaction. Texican has enjoyed a slow and steady growth in market share in the Southeast year after year.
  • Texican markets natural gas products and services to industrial customers, large commercial customers, and small municipalities in the Southeast. We are one of the few remaining independent natural gas marketers in the United States.
  • Our status as one of the largest natural gas shippers in the region enables us to acquire steady and reliable supplies most efficiently. Our company works diligently to develop and communicate customer-specific risk management strategies by combining sound technical advice from industry experts with strong fundamental market information.
  • Through our methods, our customers are aided in purchasing supplies at levels that work to lower average costs, reduce market volatility, and maintain budget guidelines. As a result of many successful years of working in the industry, we bring our customers the highest level of skill and service to meet and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Texican is the largest independent gas supplier to industrial, commercial and municipal customers in the Southeast.
  • Making your business more profitable is our primary concern. Putting our customer's needs first and foremost is the foundation of our success. Because of this philosophy, our customers consider Texican Horizon Energy Marketing to be their best business partner.
  • We provide the finest service and the best price in the industry to make your job easier and make you more effective and profitable.

Texican Experience

Texican's experienced staff will provide you the best advice and gas rates to help you plan your energy future through a full array of financial products including caps, collars, and NYMEX triggers.

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