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Texican has the most competitive natural gas prices and rates in the industry because we enjoy the low overhead of an independent business without layers of overhead. Please fill out this form to get a quick response on gas prices rate in your particular area.

Natural Gas Services: As an independent company, we don’t answer to a major corporate mandate that steers decisions. Instead, Texican operates solely to serve our customers specific needs. Whether it’s specially designed invoicing, unique gas pricing, custom cost tracking programs, or demand management plans, Texican goes the extra yard to be your best business partner.

Even if you're not presently a Texican customer, we are already saving you money on your natural gas monthly statement. How is this possible? Texican is the only gas marketer in our service areas who intervenes in rates cases of the local gas distribution companies on behalf of the end users. Because of Texican’s interventions, the end user’s voice has had a place at the table of state utilities commissions for decades, and that has paid off in lower rates to all end users.

If your new years resolutions was to start saving a little more every month, then switch us on today!

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Texican's experienced staff will provide you the best advice and gas rates to help you plan your energy future through a full array of financial products including caps, collars, and NYMEX triggers.

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