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Texican Online User Agreement

Texican Natural Gas Company is providing your company access to certain natural gas billing and usage records through our website as a courtesy. Any errors or conflicts between the website data and actual billing or usage records is unintentional and the actual records shall supersede the website data in such event. You are authorized to access Texican's website for the limited purpose of reviewing records relating to your organization only.

You are not permitted access to records of any other customer and you are not permitted to alter your records. Texican is not responsible for controlling access to your records by third-parties, including your agents, employees or ex-employees, who utilize your password or access code. Texican is also not responsible for any reproduction, use or distribution of your records by any party obtaining authorized or unauthorized access to those records through you or by means of your customer password or access code. Your use of this website acknowledges your acceptance of these terms and relieves Texican of all liabilities.

Texican Experience

Texican's experienced staff will provide you the best advice and gas rates to help you plan your energy future through a full array of financial products including caps, collars, and NYMEX triggers.

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